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In just six weeks, you can change your situation

Is this for me?


  • Are you 16-24 years old?
  • Are you not currently working or in education?
  • Are you available weekdays 1pm – 4pm for six weeks?
  • Can you get to our Brighton centre easily?

What to expect


  • Interview training and practice
  • Impressive CV and cover letter
  • Group and 1-1 mindset coaching
  • 12 months of career support

What Happens?

The Spear Programme has two phases:

Spear Foundation:

Getting You Work Ready – Coaching sessions over six weeks, from 1-4pm, four days a week. You will be in a group of around 15 other people in a similar situation to you. The group is run by friendly and experienced coaches. Our coaches provide training in the skills you need to get a job, such as interview practice, CV writing, how to speak professionally and how to present yourself well.

Spear Career:

Getting Into Work & In-Work Support – practical group workshops and 1:1 coaching over 12 months to help you secure employment and, once in work, to support you to sustain and thrive in your role.


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What’s different about it?

We believe you can overcome whatever barriers you face. Low confidence, mental health problems, a criminal record or no qualifications don’t need to prevent you from finding meaningful work and building a career.

Who can join?

The Spear programme is designed for young people, 16 to 24-years-old, who are not in education, employment or training. You need to be available Monday to Friday, 2pm – 5pm for six weeks. You need to be able to travel to our centre: The Phoenix Centre, 2 Phoenix Place, Brighton, which is in central Brighton near the Level.

Can you guarantee a job?

We provide you with the skills and confidence to seek employment and will support you in your efforts to find a job. Three out of four people who complete the initial six weeks of Spear get into work or further training and are there a year later.

What kinds of jobs do people do after the Spear Programme?

Candidates go into a variety of jobs, from customer service, business admin, construction to a range of apprenticeships. Others go back to college or on to university. Once you’ve got a job, our coaches keep in touch with you for a year to help you think about the next steps in your career.

How much does it cost?

The Spear programme is completely free.