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Thousands of unemployed young people are eager to overcome whatever obstacles they are facing and get into work. Your company’s skills, influence and experience can help them get there.

As a local business, your support can:

  • Help unemployed young people in Brighton and Hove enter sustainable employment
  • Inspire your staff to volunteer their professional skills
  • Make a positive impact on your strategic CSR objectives
  • Play an influential role in reducing unemployment in your local community
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Ways to get involved

Volunteering opportunities

Encourage your staff to volunteer their professional skills, helping Spear Programme candidates with mock interviews and presentation feedback or be part of a panel session sharing your career journey.

Host a company visit

Host a company visit to enable the Spear trainees to experience ‘working life’ in a corporate environment, often for the first time. This can be a unique way to engage your staff in an exciting local project.

Employ young people

Offer work placements, apprenticeships or entry-level roles to our diverse, motivated Spear candidates. Help them take that first crucial step towards long-term employment.

Giving and fundraising

Experience the lasting influence your support can have. Sponsor an individual or a whole cohort of 12-15 young people on the Spear Programme. Engage your staff by organising corporate fundraising events or perhaps select Spear Brighton as your Charity of the Year.

Attend a Spear Programme Celebration

Join us at a Spear Programme Celebration evening, held at the end of each six week foundation phase, to learn more about Spear. This is a brilliant opportunity to hear directly from the young people about the impact Spear has had on their lives, to celebrate their success and to encourage them on the journey ahead. See dates and sign up here. 

Become a partner

We’d love to work in partnership with you to meet the need in Brighton.

Get in touch today to make a real difference in our local community.

Thank you to the following local businesses who are currently supporting us. These include:

One Family, Southern Water, No Fear Bridge, Brewers, and Elucidat.

“It’s been a real pleasure working with them [Spear trainees], seeing their energy and enthusiasm for their learning and the different personalities in each group. Their curiosity about and excitement for building a career is really encouraging and heartwarming”.

Andrew, LifeSearch

“I was extremely impressed with all of the trainee’s confidence in asking questions, engaging in conversation and with their presentations at the end of the session. They all worked great as a team and all brought their own ideas and value to the group. It was great to host such an engaged group.”

Lauren, Graphite Digital (Company Visit)

“It is always a great pleasure to do mock interviews as part of the Spear Programme and to meet the young people participating. Without exception I have found them to be motivated, focused and receptive. They are engaged with the Programme and so appreciative of the opportunities it offers them.”

Julia, Brewers Decorators

“Both of the interview sessions I supported were energising experiences for me. It was a privilege to take the skills I have developed at work and offer my experiences to people at different points in their working life.”

Paul Costello, Mock Interview volunteer

“Working with Spear Brighton, and their programme participants, was a thorough pleasure. It was inspiring to see the rapport and mutual respect the team had with the cohort. Honest and constructive feedback on the tasks we had set the young people who visited our office at the heart of the process. We would love to continue to help this organisation with their meaningful and invaluable work.”

Graphite Digital

“When our group graduated from the Spear Programme, I went along with a few of my colleagues to see the ceremony and it was so uplifting. Everyone found supporting the Spear programme really positive and rewarding, and we’re excited to welcome our next group.”

Lana Harper, Senior Copywriter, Man Bites Dog

“We loved having the Spear participants come and visit us. The whole office really got involved, with everyone taking part in one-to-one chats with the young people, who were often quite shy but all polite and engaged. It was nice to feel we could make a difference.”

Lana Harper, Senior Copywriter, Man Bites Dog

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