Shannon’s story

Shannon joined the Spear Programme in March 2021.

Growing up, I was moved around into different foster homes and with different families. I was let down by the social services that were meant to be there and support me.

About nine months ago I had to leave my town and my friends, and I had to move into a house with people I didn’t know, into a town where I knew absolutely nobody. I left a job behind that was somewhere I didn’t want to be in life; I wasn’t on the path I wanted.

When I was first suggested the Spear Programme, I didn’t think it was for me. I knew how to get a job and how to do a CV. But when I joined, I realised that there were so many people around me who were in the same boat of feeling unmotivated. We didn’t want to go to work. We were in a pandemic and we didn’t want to do anything. It was so eye-opening, finally being around people that I could relate to.

Learning about different mindsets really resonated with me. I felt like I was in the fixed mindset, stuck in my comfort zone. I didn’t want to push myself. I wasn’t setting myself up for anything because I was scared that I was going to fail. But being on the Spear Programme showed me I could be in the growth mindset; I was turning up and participating, and I was so excited and happy to learn.

Through the Spear Programme, I’ve landed myself a job that I’m so excited to start. Now, I’m so happy to put myself out there, be back in the world of work, and to finally find myself on the route that I want to be on. For me, my dream role would be to be a social service worker, because I would love to be that person that I was failed by as a child. I want to be that person those kids need; it would be a great privilege for me. I just want to say thank you so much to everybody in the Spear Programme for making me realise that I can do it.