Holly’s story

Holly joined the Spear Programme in June 2020.

At the end of 2018, Holly got a criminal record.

Despite being really work-ready, the criminal record has been holding her back and she felt under-confident about how to communicate this to employers.

Holly and her coach got together and drafted Holly’s disclosure statement, later practicing over Zoom how to confidently communicate this to employers.

Holly just had her second interview as a Learning Support Assistant, working with young people with special needs in a Secondary School near Brighton. As a result of working together, Holly confidently disclosed to the school during the application process and was able to respond well to questions about her criminal record during the interview process.

Holly received positive feedback from one of the Deputy Heads of the School and was offered the opportunity to undertake work experience at the school. She now feels confident about what companies can and can’t ask, and has learnt so much about how to handle disclosure. Holly is now owning that side of her and moving away from the shame of the conviction, taking responsibility and action.