Grace’s story

Grace joined the Spear Programme in January 2019.

By the age of 19, I had been living with anxiety and depression for over a year. It was a difficult time; my mental health problems prevented me from even attempting to break into work. I was eventually referred to the Spear programme, and met my Spear coaches at the Hove Job Centre.

When I started Spear, my confidence was so low that I wouldn’t even pick up the phone. I had no confidence in myself or in my future, and had no idea how to apply for a job even if I’d been brave enough to do so. Spear was a welcoming environment – I felt supported there, but challenged too. I was taken out of my comfort zone which was frightening, but with my coaches’ support, I learnt to face this fear and not crumble.

Over the six weeks of the Spear Programme, I grew in confidence. My coaches encouraged me to identify and name my strengths, and they gave me practical help to write my first ever CV and job applications, and attend my first interview.

Now, I’m working full time in my first ever job, in Bankers Fish and Chips. My goal for Spear was to have enough confidence to make good decisions despite what my anxiety and depression told me, and to get a foot on the career ladder. I am so proud that thanks to Spear I’ve achieved all this and more. I’m excited to be working full time, and have ambitions to re-engage with my education.’

Grace completed the Spear Brighton Programme in 2019.