Mock interviewing

Have the opportunity to offer a practice interview to a young person and invest in their potential. Be a part of building their career.

“Both of the interview sessions I supported were energising experiences for me. It was a privilege to take the skills I have developed at work and offer my experiences to people at different points in their working life.” Paul Costello, Mock Interview Volunteer

Introduce us

Introduce us to a business, charitable trust or a friend who might be interested in supporting The Spear Programme. Contact:


If you’d like to give financially to support the work of Spear Brighton and impact a young person’s future, please contact

Attend a Spear Programme Celebration

Attend an inspiring and moving evening hearing first-hand the stories of transformation from young people who have just completed the Spear programme. Help celebrate our young people’s progress as they journey into work.

“To see how hope, confidence and purpose is restored to young people’s lives through the care and inspiration of the coaches on the programme is overwhelming. The celebrations are moving occasions not to be missed.” Rosie Morgan, Mock Interview Volunteer