Ollie’s story

“Before the Spear Programme, I did not have much direction in life. I have tourettes and have a lot of social anxiety. But I have always had this idea that I could do better than what people told me.

The biggest thing I learnt is that I had skills already and just needed the confidence to use them. Routine has been great too – when you are not in work, you lose focus and you turn into a bit of a dosser. To start a routine and remember who you are and what you can do has been one of the most significant things I have taken from Spear.

After a transformative time on the 6-week Foundation programme I was ready for a challenge. The team sourced an apprenticeship and I grabbed the opportunity. My official title is Hospitality Assistant, helping to cater for events.

Though my legs have been more tired than ever before, this apprenticeship has solidified the change I made on Spear. I now get up at 6am, look forward to going to work as I have a new purpose and I feel accomplished at the end of a tiring day.”